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Download The Little Book of Manchester United by Ian Welch, Jules Gammond PDF

By Ian Welch, Jules Gammond

This booklet profiles all of the greats, in addition to exploring lesser-known aspects of the United event in alphabetical model.

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Floodlights and Touchlines: A History of Spectator Sport

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Spectator activity resides, respiring, continuous theatre for all.

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It tells the tales that subject: from the gladiators of Rome to the runners of Rift Valley through the innovator-missionaries of Rugby university; from multi-faceted British exports to the Americanisation of professionalism and the Indianisation of cricket. Rob Steen lines the improvement of those activities which captivate the turnstile thousands and the mouse-clicking plenty, addressing their key issues and commonalities, from construction myths to compare solving through race, politics, sexuality and internationalism.

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Cricket XXXX Cricket

Who can overlook Frances Edmonds' explosive cricketing diaries of the Eighties? After the runaway good fortune of one other Bloody journey, Frances Edmonds again to terrorise the britain cricket workforce in 1987, heading to Australia to hitch husband Phil for 3 and a part months Down lower than. whereas gazing England hold the Ashes, and one or different incidental one-day competitions, she once more lifted the lid on all of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans in her inimitable and wickedly irreverent type.

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