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By Melville Y. Stewart

This article bargains constant and appropriate definitions of omnipotence, omniscience and omnibenevolence. version greater-good defences are explored and derivations of a uncomplicated account of this defence are traced to theistic tenets. It additionally supplies debts of the origins of evil. The free-will defence, soul-making defence and an unique redemption defence are considered as requisites of the extra normal greater-good defence. it really is argued that the defences might be assembled right into a complementary apologetic complicated that defeats the cost that God's life is incompatible with evil's lifestyles.

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Infallibility of belief is reflected in our second definition. Omniscient 2 For any individual x, x is omniscient2 IFF, (1) for every proposition p, if either p is true or it is 42 The Greater-Good Defence possible for x to know p, then x knows p; (2) x does not falsely believe any p that x knows. What of the justification condition? Does God have to satisfy the 'having-of-reasons-for-believing-p' condition in order to be properly said to know? Theists appear divided. Pike's definition omits it.

4 That is, is God essentially omnipotent, omniscient, and perfectly good, or are these only contingent properties? 5 Suppose, for example, the theist were to argue for a variant of the Cartesian thesis that God is in absolute control over every truth - that he is absolutely omnipotent in this sense. '7 Since it would be up to God whether a proposition is made true or false, there would be no necessary truths. Descartes' discussion of 'eternal truths' is particularly germane. One such truth is, The three angles of a triangle are necessarily equal to two right angles (let us refer to it as P).

68 It does not seem possible that more than one of them could be speaking the truth. That is because Q is also understood as being geographically indexed. ' So if we say that Q is true only at certain times, then we should also say that Q is true only at certain places. Given the above analysis of temporal and geographic indexicality relative to Q, it would seem that to know what time it is requires that the knower have geographic location. Hence God could know what time it is only if he has geographic indexicality.

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