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By Konrad Hirschler

Medieval Arabic Historiography is anxious with social contexts and narrative buildings of pre-modern Islamic historiography written in Arabic in 7th and thirteenth-century Syria and Eygpt. taking over contemporary theoretical reflections on ancient writing within the ecu heart a long time, this awesome research combines ways drawn from social sciences and literary reports, with a selected specialize in famous texts: Abu Shama’s The publication of the 2 Gardens, and Ibn Wasil’s The Dissipater of Anxieties. those texts describe occasions throughout the lifetime of the sultans Nur-al-Din and Salah al-Din, who're basically identified nowa days because the champions of the anti-Crusade stream. Hirschler indicates that those authors have been energetic interpreters in their society and has massive room for manoeuvre in either their social surroundings and the shaping in their texts.

Through using a clean and unique theoretical method of pre-modern Arabic historiography, Hirschler offers a brand new figuring out of those texts that have prior to been particularly overlooked, therefore delivering an important contribution to the burgeoning box of historiographical studies.

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It was arguably Ibn Wmxil’s network centred on this trio, rather than his relationship with the ruler, which allowed him to gain paid positions in Egypt, such as the teaching post in the Aqmar Mosque. Towards the end of the Ayyubid period, however, all three disappeared from the court. Jamml al-Dln b. Mayrn. died in 649/1251, shortly after he had lost his position. Bahm6 al-Dln left Egypt for Syria in the late 640s/1240s, after losing his position, and died in 656/1258 in poverty in Egypt. >usmm al-Din lost his high position after the ruler’s death in 647/1249, refused the chance to become supreme military commander in the ‘interregnum’ between the Ayyubids and Mamluks after 648/1250 and finally retired with honours to Damascus in 651/1253–4.

654/1256),162 was the son of the amir ^Izz al-Dln Aybak al-Mu^azzaml who had lost possession of his assignment of the southern Syrian town of Xarkhad in the mid-640s/1240s. Muzaffar al-Dln tried vainly to regain a position of importance in the entourage of al-Malik al-Xmli. ammad,164 who until his death in a battle against the Crusaders had been responsible for the army office (dlwmn al-jaysh) of al-Malik al-Xmli. 165 In both cases it is impossible to identify the relationship more exactly. Over and above Abn Shmma’s marginalized social position, his personality also placed him outside the scholarly mainstream of his time.

655/1257)82 who served the first Mamluk ruler Aybak for six years. He had been the successor of Jamml al-Dln b. Mayrn. as vizier of al-Malik al-Xmli. Ayynb in Damascus. When the latter’s son, al-Malik al-Mu^azzam Tnrmnshmh, passed through Syria on his way to taking power in Egypt in 647/1249, 25 SOCIAL CONTEXTS Sharaf al-Dln entered his service and became his vizier. Ibn Wmxil became probably acquainted with him in the entourage of al-Malik al-Mu^azzam Tnrmnshmh. It is this replacement of the >usmm al-Dln, Jamml al-Dln b.

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