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Download Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Birds ...But Were by Stephen Moss PDF

By Stephen Moss

This RSPB-endorsed e-book solutions all these burning questions about
birds that novices and specialists alike may perhaps ask themselves as they go
about their birding. How do geese preserve their ft from freezing in
winter? Why do not swallows remain in Africa? Are birds particularly dinosaurs,
or have been dinosaurs quite birds? How is it made up our minds no matter if fowl species
should be 'split' or 'lumped'?

Taking a 'questions and solutions' procedure, each one particular question
leads to a solution which expands the subject below dialogue, so that
all elements of fowl existence and the pastime of birding are coated. The
scientifically rigorous solutions jointly shape a magnificent and
fascinating physique of bird-related info. This hugely readable book
will intrigue an individual with an curiosity in birds.

"Concise and informative, in a chatty daily style... a good e-book for dipping into." Birds

"Packed with enormous quantities of questions that any one extensively in
birds could ask, every one replied in an easy-to-understand manner.
Excellent for someone, new to birdwatching or not." BTO News

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31 EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT BIRDS... BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK! INTELLIGENCE How intelligent are birds? ‘Bird-brained’ is a very unjust insult, since birds are mostly pretty smart. However, many signs of apparent intelligence in birds, such as the ability to find food or navigate over long distances, cannot really be compared with human brainpower, since much of it is simply ‘programmed’ behaviour. Nevertheless, birds can be trained to solve quite complex problems, and some have the ability to use tools (see below).

Apart from those considered extinct and then rediscovered, several species have come back from the brink of extinction, with only a handful of individuals remaining in the wild. They include Mauritius Kestrel (down to nine individuals in 1973, but now with a population in the hundreds) and the Chatham Islands Black Robin. This little bird, found on an island off New Zealand, was down to five birds by 1980, with just a single breeding pair – nicknamed ‘Old Blue’ and ‘Old Yellow’. Fortunately POPULATION BACK FROM THE BRINK!

Broadly speaking, there are more birds the closer you get to the Equator, with the tropics having the greatest variety and the polar regions the least. But despite having far less variety, the Arctic and the Antarctic regions still support huge populations of certain species. DISTRIBUTION PACKING THEM IN The country with the highest number of recorded species is, by a whisker, Colombia, with 1,795, closely followed by Peru (1,780), Brazil (1,701), Ecuador (1,589), and Indonesia (1,549). Six of the 12 countries with over 1,000 species are in South America.

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