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This publication is ready passages the place Pindar makes use of the long run demanding near to himself or to his tune. It addresses the query as to precisely what the functionality is of the longer term demanding in these passages. this can be a vexed challenge, which has performed an enormous position in Pindaric feedback for the final a long time and which has lately received relevance for the translation of alternative authors in addition.

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A) Including a three foot concrete mat foundation; b) wtithout the mat foundation. t- Front of wave train : E FIGURE 24. Passage of wave train in soil with and without the mat foundation. 0 Assessment of the infkence of soil-structure-interaction The influence of soil-structure interaction on the displacements of the NIF superstructures was investigated by comparison of an uncoupled, fixed base analysis of the periscope structure with a fully coupled SS1 analysis for the structure. e. 1 Hertz based on a very detailed three dimensional model of the shear wall and space frame structure.

Input motion t Free field response FIGURE 26. Decoupled analysis of the structurekoil system (neglects SS1 effects). 32 waves. Consequently if total displacements are considered, the erroneous conclusion that SS1 effects are negligible maybe reached. Moreover, relative deflections are of paramount concern when considering the deflections between adjacent optical structures situated on a common foundation. Long wavelength, low frequency motions will result in little relative deflections between adjacent structures, even though the low frequency drives the large absolute displacements.

5 Hertz. A simplified two dimensional idealization of the periscope structure is shown in Fig, 24. In the two dimensional model, use was made of the fact that the steel Ihme is flexible in overall bending compared to the stiffness of the shear walls and the primary effect of the steel frame will be to couple the transverse motions at the tops of the shear walls. The coupling is a result of the fact that the steel members are quite stiff axially and will therefore enforce displacement comparability for the tops of the shem walls.

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