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By Lev I. Dorman, Irina V. Dorman

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Wilson, C. T. R. (1901). ―On the Ionisation of Atmospheric Air‖, Proc. Roy. Soc. London, 68, No. 444, 151-161. Wulf, T. (1909). ―Über die in der Atmosphäre vorhandene Strahlung von hoher Durchdringungsfähigkeit‖, Phys. , 10, No. 5, 152-157. Wulf, T. (1910). ―Beobachtungen über die Strahlung hoher Durchdringungsfähigkeit auf dem Eiffelturm‖, Phys. , 11, No. 18, 811-813. Chapter 2 EARLY STUDIES OF „HIGH ALTITUDE RADIATION‟ AND PROOFS OF ITS EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL ORIGIN The science is not a complete book.

Dorman (M1981). 5 l. In the centre of the device, on a special framework, the most thin quartz silvered threads were placed. For the elimination of any influence of temperature on instrument readings, Kolhörster used as holders of threads quartz handles serving as good insulators. After charging the threads, the size of their divergence was defined with the help of a microscope at the top cover of the device. Air that was in the chamber was preliminarily carefully dried, and besides, in the bottom of the device there was a dehumidifier.

Dorman & Irina V. Dorman The problem with finding the absorption factor for -radiation in air yet remained, and V. Hess, carefully thinking over all trifles, prepared for following flights. 3) with walls of thickness 3 mm that rays only got through, and both electrometers had hermetic cases. 188 mm thickness was non-hermetic and intended for simultaneous studying of behavior β-beams. Threads of electrometers were charged to voltage  200 V to provide a saturation current in the chamber; then the speed of the system discharge was observed continuously.

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