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By Dr. Adi Ben-Israel, Dr. Robert Gilbert (auth.)

This is a brand new kind of calculus ebook: scholars who grasp this article will be good versed in calculus and, furthermore, own an invaluable operating wisdom of 1 of crucial mathematical software program structures, specifically, MACSYMA. this may equip them with the mathematical competence they want for technology and engi­ neering and the aggressive office. the alternative of MACSYMA isn't really crucial for the didactic aim of the booklet. in truth, any of the opposite significant mathematical software program platforms, e. g. , AXIOM, MATHEMATICA, MAPLE, DERIVE, or lessen, might have been taken for the examples and for buying the ability in utilizing those platforms for doing arithmetic on desktops. The symbolic and numerical calcu­ lations defined during this e-book can be simply played in any of those platforms via moderate amendment of the syntax once the scholar knows and masters the MACSYMA examples during this booklet. what's vital, besides the fact that, is that the scholar will get all of the details essential to layout and execute the calculations in no less than one concrete implementation language as this can be performed during this ebook and likewise that using the mathematical software program method is totally built-in with the textual content. In those occasions of globalization, corporations that are not able to rent safely knowledgeable expertise specialists won't prosper. for companies which count seriously on sci­ ence and engineering, last aggressive within the international economic climate would require hiring staff having had a historically rigorous mathematical education.

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You may already be familiar with some, or all, of these functions. Either way, you can skip this chapter at first, and return to it when you need its results. 1 Exponential and logarithmic functions In this section we recall two elementary functions, namely, the exponential function and the logarithmic function. We assume you are somewhat familiar with these functions and give here a brief summary. 42 we defined x a for all positive x and real a. Reversing the roles of a and x, we similarly define aX for all positive a and all x E R.

For any positive x and y, and any real a and b, x a . 46c) x a . ya . y)a . 44. 39. 47) j=O k=O with real coefficients ajk is called algebraic. Note that F(x, y) is here a polynomial in both variables x and y. 47) is called an implicit algebraic function of x. To get such a function in an interval D, Eq. 47) must be uniquely solvable for y at all xED. Note that all functions we already have met are algebraic. A rational function r of the variable x is the solution of the equation q(x)y - p(x) = 0 for some polynomials p and q.

9. A monomial is a polynomial with a single term p(x) = xn. To plot the first ten monomials we first make a list of them: c1. makelist(x~n,n,1,10) d1. [x, x 2, x 3, x4, x 5, x 6, x 7 , x 8, x 9, xlO] then c2. 1. See the result in Fig. 8. Note the use of ' '% which means to read in the previous result, which is stored by the name %, into the current calculation. We must force the evaluation at read time by use of ' , (two single quotes) because the plotting commands do not evaluate their first argument.

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