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By Salah Mansour

This e-book goals to supply otolaryngology citizens, otology and neurotology fellows, lecturers, and younger practitioners with entire, up to date details on heart ear anatomy that absolutely meets their wishes. it's going to permit these present process surgical education to hone their surgical abilities and should help in making sure that sufferers obtain acceptable administration. The anatomy of the center ear is defined in easy-to-understand descriptions and exquisitely depicted in additional than a hundred colour images and diverse beneficial colour diagrams. Key positive factors of the booklet are the correlation of scientific occasions to the anatomical foundation of ailment, the simplified rationalization of embryology to supply a greater figuring out of developmental anomalies, and the inclusion of rigorously chosen CT scans that may help in the studying of ordinary anatomy and the id of pathological positive factors. ​

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The pars flaccida The lamina propria of the pars flaccida is composed of small amount of elastic and collagenous fibers with no special arrangement and gradually passes into the dermis of the meatal skin [11]. Blood Supply of the Tympanic Membrane • Inner surface of the tympanic membrane The TM is supplied by a vascular circle formed by the anterior tympanic artery branch from the internal maxillary artery and from the stylomastoid branch of the posterior auricular artery (Fig. 9). • Outer surface of the tympanic membrane The tympanic membrane is supplied by the arteria manubrii having origin from the deep auricular branch of the internal maxillary artery.

Injury of a JBD during tympanomeatal flap elevation results in profuse bleeding [16, 17]. The incidence of high JB ranges from 5 to 20 % and that of JBD ranges from 1 to 10 % [17]. 3 Posterior Wall a 29 c b Fig. 13 (a) Coronal computed tomographic view on a right ear with a normal jugular bulb (JB), round window recess (black arrow). (b) High riding JB obliterating the round window recess (black arrow). (c) JB diverticula (small white arrow), reaching the round window recess (black arrow). Notice the transtympanic tube in place (long white arrow) Fig.

26). The tympanic bone is anterolateral to the vertical segment [32]. The distance from the anterior margin of the tympanic annulus to the nearest point of carotid canal is about 5 mm [33]. 0 mm in diameter [32]. The average distance between the carotid canal and the cochlea is about 1 mm near the basal turn, 2 mm near the middle turn, and 6 mm near the apical turn [34]. 6 Medial Wall (Cochlear Wall) Fig. 28 Coronal reconstruction of a computed tomography of a left ear with (a) normal bony separation (*) between the cochlea and the internal carotid artery (ICA); (b) a dehiscent internal carotid artery (white arrow) into the basal turn of the cochlea 39 a Surgical Implication Rarely, there is partial absence of septation between the cochlea and the carotid canal.

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