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By Akira Hirose

This monograph instructs graduate- and undergraduate-level scholars in electric engineering, informatics, keep watch over engineering, mechanics, robotics, bioengineering at the strategies of complex-valued neural networks. Emphasizing uncomplicated strategies and methods of considering neural networks, the writer specializes in neural networks that take care of complicated numbers; the sensible benefits of complex-valued neural networks, and their origins; the advance of relevant functions? The e-book makes use of distinctive examples to respond to those questions and extra.

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This learning can be regarded as a batch process. If the environment is changed, the network repeats to learn. In other cases, however, the network may learn or self-organize during task processing. It is, so to speak, an on-the-job training. The learning and processing occur in unison. In general, the task processing works quickly, whereas the learning progresses slowly. Besides, learning may occur at intervals between task processing. 2 Hebbian rule The Hebbian rule is considered to be the most basic principle of learning.

Aizenberg’s group published a book on the multiple-valued networks in 2000 [31]. (One of the authors of the book, Naum Aizenberg, is the father of another, Igor Aizenberg. ) In the adaptive signal processing in radar systems, communications, and other applications, on the other hand, we inevitably need to deal with complex signals. In such linear processing, Widrow et al. A. presented the complex least mean square (LMS, the steepest descent method with squared error) [32]. Since it is linear, the dynamics is clear.

Therefore, we obtain the follows consistent with the real valued one. 5) wi (t + 1) = (1 − K)wi (t) + K y (xi ) 48 4 Constructions and dynamics of neural networks where (·)∗ means complex conjugate. The weight wi is, so to speak, an operator to operate on the input xi to yield the output y. Therefore, we adopt the correlation yx∗i where the latter variable xi (input) is conjugated. The operation is clarified in a matrix expression. We express the input signals as a vertical vector, while the hermitian conjugate (conjugate transpose) as a horizontal vector.

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