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Read Online or Download Complex analysis, microlocal calculus, and relativistic quantum theory: proceedings of the colloquium held at Les Houches, Centre de Physique, September 1979 PDF

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Since ~ is , the definitions introduced above iV{. Hence we usually choose T~X ~yl X for a non-singular submanifold of We now begin to explain how to obtain the concrete expression of the germ of ~ A" The corresponding result for ~ ~A is obtained by combining the results given below and the reasoning of S-K-K [17] Chap. 12), leaving the detailed arguments to the reader. See also Laurent [14]. We begin our discussion with proving several vanishing theorems needed for the concrete calculation of the relative cohomology groups introduced above.

Let P c o r r e s p o n d i n g e l e m e n t in j =r oo be i n ~ A , p. ~j Let (~ ~P~(Dx'Dy))~(x'Y) 3 for sufficiently small ~ f ~ ( U n ~ V%) 2=1 which s a t i s f i e s c o n d i t i o n s ( 2 . 6 ) and ( 2 . 7 ) . we d e n o t e by 6 ( x , y ) t h e g e n e r a t o r o f A/'. %) g=l O) holds. %), there exists a g=l (j suplpjl

24 (iii) If u belongs M (r) and a(x) A,p of the origin, then au in a neighborhood further (iv) suppose Let u that a(O) If constants C, m there exist such holds for (v) If (vi) most T > 1 u Let 0. (vii) belongs P If for three (c) (~) u m~ M A,p for M If we . 4. 10) [ a2a(x'@) ~xi~ j ]i,j has which Then is not C~ (iii) told (viii) for any P and r. is contained in result. (N ~ n). n 0. is in be a c~-function rank to g(x) M (r) A,p A, because x. J sing supp u. of to and denote conditions for any Theorem M (r) "A,p" M (r) then 3u/Bx k belongs to M~ I) A,p' be a classical pseudo-differential operator of order u belongs to M (r) then Pu belongs to M (r) A,p' A,p" u 6 M (r) A,p Remark.

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