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By Paul Jackson

Классическое Оригами - все модели - классика, лёгкие и ясныеинструкции для новичков .INTRODUCTION 6Paper 7Symbols 8FIRST ideas 9How to make a sq. 9How to make a crease 10Basic folding concepts 11TRADITIONAL DESIGNS 13Banger 14Crown 15Bird 16Cup 17Waterlily 18 - Dish ; N 20Flapping poultry 22Crane 24Glider 25Sampan 26Junk 28EASTERN DESIGNS 31Yoshizawas Butterflies 32Yoshizawas Butterfly 34Mount Fuji and the ocean 35Yacht 36Eternally establishing Origami 37Cube 38Cat 40lncense Burner forty two Tulip and Stem • 44Fox 46Stretch Wall N 48WESTERN DESIGNS 51Arrow 52Snap Hexahedron 53The un-unfoldable field 54Face 56Rooster 58Pop-up Double dice 60Star • 62Daffodil 64Architectural Module 68Barking puppy 72Rowing Boat 73Rosette 74Rhino 76ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

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1934) Technics & Civilization. Routledge & Sons Ltd. London, London, George Read, H. (1969) Art & Society from The Arts & Man. Unesco. Solzhenitsyn, A. (1970) One Word of Truth«, The Nobel Speech. London, The Bodley Head. B. (1919) Macmillan. The Cutting of an Agate. © 1980 John Lane London, Art Process and Product DAVID SPURLING It seemed to me at the time (the afternoon of Monday 23rd July 1979) and I have not since wanted to change my view, that many of the threads of the first part of the course, "The Creative Arts in Education", led in the direction of a single, over-riding distinction, namely, the need for us to restate our sense of the relationship between art as activity and art as object, between process and products For the moment, I would not like to refine the idea any further, for a more refined statement draws on material in the encounters we have had with John Lane, Michael Golby and Horace Lashley.

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