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3, each router has only the directly connected networks in each routing table. Each router sends its complete routing table out to each active interface. The routing table of each router includes the network number, exit interface, and hop count to the network. 4, the routing tables are complete because they include information about all the networks in the internetwork. They are considered converged. When the routers are converging, no data is passed, which is why fast convergence time is a serious plus.

And as the name suggests, reliability is a key concern of this protocol. Cisco has designed a mechanism that leverages multicasts and unicasts to deliver updates quickly, and to track the receipt of the data. 10. As I said, each EIGRP router is aware of who its neighbors are, and for each multicast it sends out, it maintains a list of the neighbors who have replied. If EIGRP doesn’t get a reply from a neighbor, it will switch to using unicasts to resend the same data. If it still doesn’t get a reply after 16 unicast attempts, the neighbor is declared dead.

There are pros and cons to static routing, but that’s true for all routing processes. Things that are good about static routing include the following: No overhead on the router CPU No bandwidth usage between routers Security (because the administrator can only allow routing to certain networks) Here are a few things that aren’t so good about static routing: The administrator must really understand the internetwork and how each router is connected in order to configure routes correctly. If a network is added to the internetwork, the administrator has to add a route to it on all routers—by hand.

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