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By Wroth W.

Каталог византийских монет из коллекции Британского музея.

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Such further cancellation must occur, of course, because all but two12 of the colours in j Σj must be consumed within Π. Passing to innermost pair of interacting Σk we may assume i = j − 1 (cf. 17). Thus our proof will be complete if we can argue that cancellation between non-constant edges from Σj−1 and Σj is impossible. We have argued that the colours which are to cancel will be essentially adjacent within time T0 of the top of Πj−1 . On the other hand, there is a block of λ0 constant edges separating Σj−1 -nonconstant edges and Σj -nonconstant edges at the top of Πj−1 .

Similarly, its length changes at a constant rate after time N , decreasing until it is eventually cancelled. Since N ≤ T0 , this segment of constant letters has length less than LT0 at time N , and hence is cancelled entirely before time T0 (L + 1). 3. The disappearance of colours: Pincers and implosions. In this subsection we turn our attention to the detailed study of how non-adjacent colours along a corridor in ∆ can come together solely as a result of the mutual annihilation of the intervening colours.

See Figure 12. . C(µ,µ ) (2) C(µ,µ ) (1) C(µ,µ ) (2) C(µ,µ ) (1) . . A4 (S0 , µ) Figure 12. C(µ,µ ) (1) and C(µ,µ ) (2). In the course of this section we will bound the size of the intervals C(µ,µ ) (1) and during the following four sections we bound the sum over all pairs (µ, µ ) of the sizes of the intervals C(µ,µ ) (2) to get the desired bound on |S0 (3b)|. In order to control this sum, we have to address the question of which colours can be adjacent. 5. Adjacent colours. 4 we saw that in any corridor S, the edges in ⊥(S) of a fixed colour form an interval.

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