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By Joanna Chikwe

Cardiothoracic surgical procedure covers all parts of grownup and pediatric, cardiac and thoracic surgical procedure and in depth care. This re-creation, with up-to-date cardiac surgical procedure and thoracic sections, offers on-the-spot assistance to universal and not more universal operative procedures.

Every bankruptcy is split into themes provided throughout pages to let effortless reference, with pages on extensive care edged in purple for fast entry. thoroughly up-to-date with present proof and directions, the publication is essentially orientated to supply trustworthy advice in extensive care and in theatre. absolutely listed and lavishly illustrated, the publication is a needs to for an individual looking a accomplished but moveable advisor to all components of cardiothoracic surgical perform.

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Fractional shortening and calculations of ejection fraction are still subject to operator variability. The nine-segment model for regional wall motion assessment is shown in Fig. 9. Stress echocardiography Stress echocardiography stresses the myocardium either chemically or via exercise protocols to gain information about myocardial viability and regional perfusion. Standard treadmill protocols such as the Bruce protocol are used for exercise testing: they give a limited time in which to image the heart and hyperventilation may make imaging difficult.

Phrenic nerve The phrenic nerve contains visceral afferents from the heart and diaphragm, as well as motor efferents from the dorsal rami of C3–5. It enters the thoracic inlet on the anterior surface of the anterior scalene muscle, lying just posterior to the IMA. On the right side the phrenic travels down the front of the SVC descending anterior to the hilum before reflecting onto the right diaphragm. The left phrenic nerve follows a similar course. Thoracic sympathetic plexus This lies lateral to the posterior mediastinum behind the parietal pleurae, crossing the necks of the first ribs, the heads of the 2nd–10th ribs and the bodies of the 11th and 12th vertebrae entering the diaphragm to continue as the lumbar sympathetic trunk.

Advantages: • Image acquisition is several times faster than spiral CT scanners, so they are used in unstable and uncooperative patients, and vascular imaging, as scan time and movement artefact is minimized. g. of valves. g. patent grafts, aorta, RV at particular risk during sternal re-entry (b p347). • Valve patients at low risk of coronary disease may elect to have CT coronary angiography rather than cardiac catheterization to evaluate coronary disease preoperatively. CT angiography is very specific and sensitive for coronary disease.

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