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Download Calling the Glorious Karmapa Rigpe Dorje Longingly from Afar by Khenchen Thrangu Rimpoche PDF

By Khenchen Thrangu Rimpoche

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Insdn, man, o^-'l gentleman. gentlewoman, lady. nds, pi. o\-l! , oll^;! yours? , which house b^t bitak, ^Ij . ) istdnif, lower tribunal. islyndf, appeal; to will 0^""=^ J* you ride? ' jl;i(jl:. * ) itanna, or Jli-I istaanna,ov appeal against the judg- ment pi. IC' . li ^Ul in^dm, and a^UI in^amyja, see ^s; j\any, which? »-l^l insirdh^ see ^1^1 see insa- nyja, humanity, politeness, insa, sec infirdd^see ij t-'j affability, courtesy. tiji mtistdnaf ^aUh^ jjilzn j^SCil *jl-JI mustanifyn. ^»i;l:-..

Ji\almci£, or let I yaZto rui^, you lilldh^ freely, gratis, I gds, itallim, to feel pain. (^3^\ glad he did not come. i| (i\,) nice! I yaZto,let allahumma, on *ll ana mabsAt am 3\j 4 \ dla rdfa, native musician or singer, pi.

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