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By William McGowen Priestley

Offering arithmetic as forming a typical bridge among the arts and the sciences, this e-book makes calculus obtainable to these within the liberal arts. a lot of the mandatory geometry and algebra are uncovered via old improvement, and a bit at the improvement of calculus bargains insights into where of arithmetic within the heritage of suggestion.

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But how can one possibly find such ratios of integers? L CD ~------~ I I I I I I I I What is the ratio r 1 = d : s of the length of a diagonal of a square to the length of its side? -------1 ·~ •• What is the ratio r2 =C : D of the circumference of a circle to its diameter? What is the ratio r 3 =A : r 2 of the area of a circle to the area of a square built upon its radius? What is the ratio r4 =S : A of the surface area of a sphere to the area of a circle through its "equator''? What is the ratio r 5 =Vc : Vs of the volume of a cylinder to the volume of an inscribed sphere?

We shall find this number later, using calculus. In our discussion of Examples 1 and 2, we have seen the first step in how to handle optimization problems. An optimization problem can always be spotted by the presence of a superlative. , we know that we have an optimization problem on our hands. From our discussions in Examples 1 and 2, we may expect that any optimization problem will give rise to a function, and that the solution to the problem will involve finding the highest (or lowest) point on the curve determined by the function.

Two symbolized Woman. Three symbolized Man. Five was then the number of Marriage, the union of man and woman. Four symbolized Justice. And so on. (a) Why did the unit symbolize God? Hint. Read the beginning of the last paragraph preceding these exercises. (b) Why did Four symbolize Justice? Hint. Justice has to do with "squarely" balancing the claims of one against the claims of another. What does this have to do with Four? ) (c) Ten was a sacred number to the Pythagoreans but, perhaps surprisingly, not because we have ten fingers.

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