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By H. Moore, J. Tuten

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To develop a plan that will provide adequate medical support to all units engaged in training and at the same time reduce cost. To reduce the cost and increase the use of educational television equipment. Training Management Evaluation Committee Findings Task Force C-8 concentrated on reducing costs by removing trainees from courses that they were not capable of passing. Early identification of potential dropouts would make it possible to funnel them into less demanding training courses sooner, thus saving training time and money.

Hand to hand combat . .. . . .. .. .. . Bayonet. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Individual tactical training . .. .. .. .. .. 49 60 0 2 0 0 0 Number Failed 110 99 159 157 159 158 159 159 Basic Rifle Marksmanship Test Category Expert.. . . . . .... Sharpshooter......... .... Marksman. . . . . . . . Unqualified. . . . . . . . Number 2 7 68 57 • Not done. The task force which investigated course materials found in the content a lack of conformity with doctrine, failure to include current information, and poor format.

Datel started to measure trainee morale, employing the Multiple Affect Adjective Checklist. As the trainee motivation and morale task force at Fort Ord continued its activities, additional means to measure motivation and morale were devised and employed. In 1971 Dr. Datel devised the Military Morale Inventory to replace the checklist. Operating on the same principle as the checklist, the inventory was tailored to the military environment. After it had been tested, the Military Morale Inventory supplanted the checklist in July 1971.

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