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By D. Tucker

This is often the 1st e-book of its sort to seem throughout disciplines at this important element of British artwork, literature and tradition. It brings many of the intertwined histories of social realism into historic standpoint, and argues that this occasionally marginalized style remains to be a tremendous reference aspect for creativity in Britain.

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Contemporary British Social Realist Film 23 It is also interesting to note that running through Linebaugh’s writings is a stress on an ethic of working class solidarity, sustained in the teeth of the manifold brutalities of the long development of capitalism. To take an example of a significant social realist film that might respond to an interpretation informed by Linebaugh’s work, let us briefly consider Nil by Mouth (1997). Gary Oldman’s film and Linebaugh’s book The London Hanged (1991) (and in particular the Punch and Judy allegory with which he concludes the book), when brought together create what Benjamin called a ‘constellation’ or a ‘dialectical image’ (Benjamin 1999, p.

221). Capitalism attacks species-being. In a key scene, a native worker and the central character Ai Qin (Ai Qin Lin) are prevented from talking by the machinery of a supermarket food processing plant. Ironically the language barrier itself (cultural difference) becomes a distant promise, something that can only be truly accessed on the basis of a common culture of solidarity that is rooted in our shared creatureliness. One of the most powerful images of this commonality is provided by the relationship between the migrants and the van they travel in.

Thus, he can see through Thatcher’s war, but the idea of sacrifice to some deep England (the forbidden, forgotten England of the National Front, a dangerous amalgam of working class ressentiment and martial national ‘service’) seduces him. The potential for a common culture is, however, conveyed in the film’s representation of space. Woody’s gang inhabit spaces in such a way as to indicate that proximity to the stranger is welcomed. Woody’s opening speech to Shaun in the underpass where the latter is accosted contains the fundamental invitation: ‘Sit with me’.

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