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Follow the line, the line McCann, and you can't go wrong. What do you think, I'm a self-made man? No! I sat where I was told to sit. I kept my eye on the ball. School? Don't talk to me about school. Top in all subjects. And for why? Because I'm telling you, I'm telling you, follow my line? Follow my mental? Learn by heart. Never write down a thing. And don't go too near the water. And you'll find- that what I say is true. Because I believe that the world ... ) .... Because I believe that the world ..

40 Despite Pinter's posterior change of opinion about The Hothouse, it seems that the weaknesses he had spotted in it are as serious to a third eye as he had esteemed himself over twenty years ago. In an interview he talked extensively about what he thought went wrong with the play: The characters were so purely cardboard. I was intentionally for the only time, I think- trying to make a point, an explicit Archetypal Patterns: the Split Female Image 47 point, that these were nasty people and I disapproved of them.

In this examination the husband's absence is stressed as the main cause for the mother's possessiveness towards her son. This theory sees the oppressive mother with more understanding and sympathy, as a suffering person herself. In the light of this theory Meg's state of mind and her behaviour could be interpreted more leniently. Her blind, almost desperate attachment to Stanley could be justified on the realistic level by the actual sterility of her own marriage, which makes what might have been a natural motherly fondness for an unfortunate young man a mad infatuation for a son substitute.

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