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By Suman Sahai, Prasmi Pavithran, Indrani Barpujari

Wisdom, in all its manifestations, is efficacious. Of specific importance is the data inherent within the wisdom platforms of rural and indigenous groups built because of lengthy and non-stop interplay with the complicated ecosystems which they inhabit. often called Indigenous wisdom or IK, this information is absolutely a hugely refined expertise and has been the mainstay of survival of groups particularly within the key sectors of nutrients and well-being. With constructing nations being the repository of an enormous a part of the world's organic assets it isn't superb that individuals and groups of those nations were innovating, determining, holding and keeping neighborhood species for a long time. Biodiversity, and the indigenous wisdom linked to it, is a unique energy of the neighborhood groups which are present in present day constructing international locations.

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US Patent 6,121,234: Use of essential oils to increase bio-availability of Biopiracy: Imitations Not Innovations 55 orally administered pharmaceutical compounds. US Patent 6,080,401: Herbal and pharmaceutical drugs enhanced with probiotics. US Patent 6,017,932: Pharmaceutical compositions containing at least one NSAID having increased bio-availability. US Patent 5,972,382: Use of piperine as a bio-availability enhancer. US Patent 5,698,199: Lipolysis acceleration method. US Patent 5,525,597: Synergistic insecticidal compositions comprising capsicum and insecticidal use thereof.

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