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Download Biopharmaceutical Drug Design and Development by Susanna Wu-Pong (auth.), Susanna Wu-Pong PhD, Yongyut PDF

By Susanna Wu-Pong (auth.), Susanna Wu-Pong PhD, Yongyut Rojanasakul PhD (eds.)

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G CG C .. 3' 3' .. c·Gc··G .. 5' + Fig. 1. Examples of endonucleases and their restriction sites (arrows ). A restriction enzyme can cut the DNA in several ways, leaving either blunt ends or sticky (staggered) ends, with either 5' or 3' overhangs. Figure 1 shows some examples of restriction enzymes and their cut sites. 0. Under appropriate conditions, a given restriction enzyme will cleave a piece ofDNA into a series offragments. The size and number of the fragments will depend on the number and location of restriction sites for that enzyme in the DNA.

Despite the difference, the two bases can form complementary base pairs with adenine. Thus, during the synthesis ofRNA from DNA, adenine in DNA is transcribed into uracil. Finally, RNA differs from DNA in that it exits as a single strand, although it is capable of pairing with other single strands of D N A or RN A. As we shall see, the single-stranded structure of RNA is ideally suited to its task of transferring genetic information. 2. Synthesis of RNA The synthesis of RNA resembles DNA replication in many ways.

Lf an overall improvement results from a component in the mixture, the appropriate compound would then be isolated for identification and further testing. , HMG co-A reductase ). In this case, molecular modeling would be used to design alterations in the structure of the candidate drug that would produce the desired outcome, such as increased target binding affinity. For instance, if an enzyme' s active site contains many hydrophobic amino acids, then the drug may be chemically modified to increase its hydrophobicity and the drug's access to the active site.

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