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These composites are all prepared through physical process, and the ­i norganic particles are preformed. The inorganic particles can also be formed via physical approach during g­ enerating composites, which may avoid the tendency of nanoparticles to form agglomerate. The sol–gel processing of nanoparticles within polymer results in the formation of an interpenetrating network between inorganic and organic components, that is, a well-dispersed and stable composite can be obtained in this way. Besides, another promising methodology is the in situ growth of nanoparticles in a polymer matrix, which can be preformed or formed simultaneously via suitable reactions, such as reduction and decomposition, of their respective precursors [15].

Both the inorganic nanoparticles and the polymers can be formed in situ or prepared in advance. Therefore, there are a variety of strategies for developing BNCs. A simple and effective method to disperse inorganic particles in polymer is solution blending and subsequent solvent evaporation or emulsion encapsulation. The polymers applied for the encapsulation process are pre-made and obtained via polymerization of monomer in the dispersion media. The encapsulation ­efficiency of the emulsion process can be modulated by varying the emulsion ­system, such as mini-, micro-, or double ones [14,15].

Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) revealed that the storage modulus of PHB/HAp composite increased initially with immersion time in SBF, due to apatite formation on composite surface and decreased after prolonged immersion in SBF, indicating degradation of the composite in the simulated body environment. 8. , control) only shows a few of scattered particles on its surface. This clearly indicates that while neat PHB cannot be effectively bioactive, PHB/HAp nanocomposites have a great ability to induce the formation of minerals in vitro [6].

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