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Download Beginning PHP and Oracle From Novice to Professional(750) by Bryla B., Gilmore W.J. PDF

By Bryla B., Gilmore W.J.

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I became ever more frustrated. In other words, the emphasis on memorization influenced her approach to learning, but not in the sense that it became her preferred learning style. In interaction with her existing motivation, it simply Phil Benson, Alice Chik and Hye-Yeon Lim 27 reduced her enthusiasm for learning English. Hye-Yeon describes, however, how she overcame this by 'partitioning' her goals: I was not good at memorizing but believed that memorizing was necessary to learn English to obtain good grades.

In order to prepare herself for this experience, she took a job in a souvenir shop in a tourist district of Hong Kong. This was, she writes, "the first time that I proved to myself that I could communicate with other native speakers" outside the school and family circle. 34 Autonomous Learners Once she arrived in the United States, she experienced similar difficulties to Hye-Yeon. However, she too managed to overcome them with relative ease, in part because she took them as an opportunity to learn, rather than as an obstacle: As a large state university, UT Austin attracted people from different places and it was forever interesting to listen to people with different accents talk.

As in Holliday's chapter, the assumption is that students need to be enabled in appropriate ways to exercise and develop an autonomy which they already possess, rather than being 'trained' into a new way of learning. Fonseka discusses a learning context quite different from others described in this book, in that the resources available (both material and cultural) do not appear to support autonomy as normally envisaged. However, he shows how available means and a blend of new and familiar genres can be used to promote collaborative autonomy in such an environment.

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