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By Tony Grice

Gamers clocking shuttlecocks at speeds of 2 hundred miles in keeping with hour, new scoring principles, and nonstop motion make badminton one of many quickest racket activities on this planet. With Badminton: Steps to Success you'll examine the talents and strategies to excel on the maximum level.

Through exact, absolutely illustrated guideline, you are going to boost precision, energy, and finesse as you employ this step by step advisor to grasp serves, forehands, backhands, clears, drop pictures, smashes, drives, and more.

Badminton: Steps to Success additionally breaks down universal blunders gamers make and gives corrective strategies to pinpoint difficulties and increase execution. Over a hundred drills will additional implement right procedure, with specific drills for tactical perform, conditioning, and teamwork for doubles play.

If you're able to grasp today's video game, depend on the single source confirmed to make a distinction. Badminton: Steps to Success——part of the preferred Steps to luck activities sequence with greater than 1.5 million copies sold——is your price ticket to successful play.

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Move targets to various areas of the server’s doubles court. Hit 10 targets = 5 points Hit 7 to 9 targets = 3 points Hit 4 to 6 targets = 1 point Your score ___ To Decrease Difficulty • Allow for a larger target by allowing the shuttle to land anywhere between the short service line and the back service line for doubles. • Set up larger targets such as bigger towels. SUCCESS SUMMARY OF THE SERVE If you can serve a variety of serves and readily mix up your service selection during a game or match, you are on your way to becoming a better badminton player.

Rotate your shoulders, elbow leads. • Hit high and deep. 4 Wall rally drill. Overhead Stroke Drill 5. Self-Toss Overhead Clear Return Because this drill is not a rally, begin with five or six shuttles. Stand sideways near the backcourt. Place a shuttle on your racket face, with your racket hand held palm up. Toss the shuttle upward with a lifting motion, putting the shuttle in position for either a forehand or backhand overhead stroke. After the shuttle leaves your racket, quickly lift your arm from the shoulder, placing your racket head downward at the end of your backswing.

Four Corners Target Drill ___ out of 5 2. Overhead Clear and Drop Shot Return of Serve ___ out of 5 3. Underhand Drop Shot Return of Short Serve ___ out of 5 4. Underhand Push Shot Return of Short Serve ___ out of 5 5. Overhand Smash Return of Flick Serve ___ out of 5 6. Overhand Smash Return of Drive Serve ___ out of 5 Total ___ out of 130 If you scored at least 90 out of a possible 130 points, you are ready to move on to the next step. If you scored fewer than 70 points, repeat the drills that were difficult for you.

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