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By J. Mietz, R. Polder, B. Elsener

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The user inserts data on the class of environmental exposure, type of cement and class of resistance desired. The program furnishes the w / c ratio able to satisfy requirements of both mechanical resistance and durability. Water and cement contents are both evaluated on the basis of the class of workability required, the type of aggregates used and the presence of plasticiser (information inserted by the user). A final display summarises the components of the mixture so that mixtures obtained with different initial data can be compared.

Pedeferri of the Department of Applied Physical Chemistry, and A. Belluscio, M. Sassaroli of the Center of Innovative Methods and Technologies for Teaching (METID) of Politecnico di Milano. 52 Corrosion of Reinforcement in Concrete: Corrosion Mechanisms and Corrosion Protection CD-rom can be used also without a specific background. The complete structure of the CD-rom is shown in Fig. 1. Four different methods may be used to consult the hypertext: the entire pathway may be read from the beginning; alternatively, one of the three guided pathways dealing with a specific issue ('corrosion and protection', 'corrosion and repair' and 'repair') may be followed.

More positive corrosion potentials, as can occur when silica fume or flyash is added to the cement or on aerated structures, induce, according to eqn (l),more severe conditions for pit initiation. As a consequence the chloride content necessary to initiate pitting decreases [ 101. 2-0 V SCE). The 'critical chloride concentrations' determined in this way will be much lower than those resulting from experiments at open circuit conditions. 5. Conclusions From the results of this electrochemical study in alkaline solutions or mortar blocks it can be concluded the minimum value of free chlorides necessary for depassivation of steel in alkaline solutions or mortar can be estimated from the ratio Cl-/OH- to be cu.

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