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By Jan Zienkowski

This ebook specializes in the discursive approaches that let activists to make feel of themselves and of the modes of politics they interact in. It indicates how political and metadiscursive understanding strengthen in tandem with a reconfiguration of one’s feel of self. the writer bargains an built-in pragmatic and poststructuralist viewpoint on self and subjectivity. He attracts on Essex sort discourse thought, early pragmatist philosophy, and linguistic pragmatics, arguing for a concept of discourse as a multi-dimensional perform of articulation. Demonstrating the analytical energy of this attitude, he places his method of paintings in an research of activist discourse on integration and minority matters in Flanders, Belgium. topics articulate a complete diversity of norms, values, identities and narratives to one another after they interact in political discourse. This booklet deals the way to examine the logics that constitution political know-how and the linked obstacles for discursive self-interpretation.

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Many interviewees distinguished between different modes of politics. The establishment of an ethical hierarchy of modes of political behaviour is a key feature of political stance taking and struggle. It is therefore important to ask how a discourse, a person, a group or an institution can 1 Problematising Self and Politics in Activist Discourse 23 be labelled as apolitical when there is supposedly a political dimension to every social practice. Sometimes, individuals and groups are considered to be “depoliticised” by my interviewees.

The AEL framework allowed him to look for a sense of uniqueness or “individuality” that was not necessarily religious. This did not mean that the AEL was an anti-religious organisation. Rather, it provided an ideological framework in which several modes of political subjectivity and “individuality” were legitimised. In the excerpt below, Issam continues by pointing out that one “can be a Muslim” for religious reasons, but that one “can also be a Muslim” because of one’s “culture”. An inability to make such a distinction in a societal context that exerts an assimilatory “pressure” on minorities can cause one “to derail” and to “start living in complete discord” with one’s “culture” and “religion”.

For instance, I used the concept of articulation in order to raise some analytical problems resulting from the high degree of overlap between political and academic discourse. As such, I pointed out that people articulate a multiplicity of abstract categories such as identity and politics in relation to preferred and disavowed modes of politics and subjectivity. I have also demonstrated that these categories cannot be taken at face value since they simultaneously perform descriptive, analytical and evaluative functions in the discourses of researchers and interviewees.

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