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By Pramod Shrikrishna Bapat

This publication is a complete advisor to scientific prognosis. Divided into 5 sections - normal surgical procedure, urogenital circumstances, neurosurgery, trauma, and paediatric surgical procedure - each one bankruptcy describes a special sickness or affliction. every one is gifted in a scientific, step-by-step demeanour, starting with an summary of its body structure, pathology and scientific good points, then its indicators, history-taking, exam and differential prognosis. This hugely priceless guide offers scholars with an figuring out of ways to examine medical info which will succeed in a analysis. greater than 367 movement charts, tables and photographic illustrations increase studying. Key issues * entire advisor to medical prognosis * various issues defined in a scientific procedure assisting scholars examine medical information to arrive a analysis * History-taking provided in questionnaire layout * comprises greater than 367 movement charts, tables and photographic illustrations

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Decreased eye contact may be cultural, or may suggest anxiety, fear or sadness. R Bitot’s spots, keratomalacia, suggest undernutrition. Yellow discoloration of sclera suggests jaundice. ‘ ed eye’? Causes of red eye: Conjunctivitis, Corneal injury/infection, acute iritis, acute glaucoma, subconjunctival bleed. • Because the skin of the eyelids is loosely attached to underlying tissues, edema tends to accumulate easily in the eyelids. Herniated fat → puffy lids. This condition affects the lower lid, and medial 3rd of the upper lid.

2. Ulcer = a breach in the continuity due to molecular death of the tissue, cell by cell. An ulcer may bleed and scar. 3. Fissure = a linear ulcer. Examples—anal fissure, cracked nipple. 4. Crust = the residue of serum, blood or pus. Example—impetigo. 5. Scale = a thin flake of exfoliated epidermis. Examples—dry skin, dandruff, psoriasis. Section 1 ♦ General Surgery Spider vein Purpuric Syn. spider nevus p 34 tahir99 - UnitedVRG 35 Basic types of miscellaneous skin lesions 1. Lichenification = thickening and roughening of the skin with increased visibility of the normal skin furrows.

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