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By Rhodes J.E.

Communications and knowledge platforms (CIS) help gathering, processing, and replacing details. CIS automate regimen features, releasing commanders and staffs to target the points of command and keep an eye on that require event, judgment, and instinct. group of workers who set up, function, and preserve CIS play a key function within the command and keep watch over of the Marine air-ground activity strength (MAGTF). it really is a real understatement to claim that the good fortune of the MAGTF within the smooth battlespace depends upon the powerful employment of CIS....

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HMRx 11 hÃMRx 21 hÃ121 hÃMRx 21 .. hMRx 21 hÃMRx 21 .. ... hMRx 11 hÃMRx MTx D hÃ121 hÃMRx MTx D .. hMRx 21 hÃMRx MTx D .. ... .. hMRx MTx D hÃMRx 21 . . hMRx MTx D hÃMRx MTx D 19 > > C> > C> > C> > C> > > C> > C> > C> = C> C C : C> > C> > C> > C> > C> > C> > C> > A> > > ; (2:43) Note that RWB,H is only one of the many possible mappings of the wideband correlation tensor R to a matrix. This particular mapping has some nice properties. By way of explanation, we can recast RWB,H using the wideband H-matrix H[d ] as RWB,H ¼ E{vec(H)vecH(H)} 0 1 MRx MTx  MRx MTx zfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflffl}|fflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflfflffl{ B E{vec(H[1])vecH (H[1])} .

MTxg, and d [ f1, . . , Dg. The structure of the H-tensor is illustrated in Fig. 9. 9 Visualizing the structure of the H-tensor. 34 MULTIPLE ANTENNA CHANNELS AND CORRELATION In this way, the wideband H-matrix H[d ] consists of the subset of elements of H corresponding with delay tap d. 26) in terms of the H-tensor elements hmnd as 0 1 h11d . . h1MTX d B C .. H[d] ¼ @ ... (2:28) A: . hMRx 1d . . hMRx MTx d Note that when D ¼ 1, the H-tensor reduces to the familiar H-matrix H [ CMRx ÂMTx .

These paths necessarily trace out ovals, with the transmitter and receiver at the foci. For a given oval, all paths from the transmitter to any point on the oval, then to the receiver, have equal length, and thus equal propagation delay. The propagation delay to the next resolvable oval is Dt. All energy reflected from scatterers at each oval sums up to form a single response. As we move outward, energy reflected from successive ovals takes longer to get to the receiver. In this way, at the receiver, we observe multiple copies of the transmitted signal, each copy taking progressively longer to reach the receiver.

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