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By Max Finger, Oliver Samwer

The degree thesis of Max Finger and Oliver Samwer which they wrote at their collage WHU - Otto Beisheim institution of Management.


1. Introduction
1.1 function of the Study
1.2 study Design

I. making a BUSINESS

2. The Opportunities
2.1 varieties of Opportunities
2.1.1 possibilities in accordance with a Paradigm Shift
2.1.2 possibilities in accordance with a brand new Product or company Model
2.1.3 possibilities in response to a Me-too Product
2.2 chance Recognition
2.2.1 Markets that change
2.2.2 Markets which are badly understood.
2.2.3 Markets which are large
2.2.4 Markets which are quick growing
2.2.5 Markets the place the Incumbent gamers can't move
2.2.6 Markets the place there's little Competition
2.3 strategy of chance popularity
2.3.1 Intuitive Approach
2.3.2 Analytical Approach
2.4 Refinement Process
2.5 learn Process
2.6 normal suggestion at the concept iteration Process
2.7 review of a enterprise Idea
3. The Homework
3.1 Defining the marketplace Need
3.2 Defining the Customer
3.3 Defining the marketplace Size
3.4 Defining the industry Timing
4. The Window of chance
5. The heritage of the Entrepreneur
6. The Founders
7. The position of the Founder
7.1 administration of the corporate
7.2 possession of the Company
7.3 construction a Sustainable Business
8. the correct Startup


9. The Location
10. The Advisors
11. The help gamers
11.1 criminal Counsel
12. highbrow estate
13. The Funding
13.1 Milestone Financing
13.2 chance id and Elimination
13.3 resources of investment
13.3.1 Bootstrapping
13.3.2 assets of outdoor Equity Angel Investors enterprise Capital company Investors preliminary Public delivering investment Strategy
13.4 deciding on an Investor
13.5 basic suggestion at the investment technique
14. The Culture
14.1 value of Culture
14.2 Values
14.3 People
14.3.1 Recruiting People
14.3.2 Attracting People
14.3.3 discovering People
14.3.4 holding People
14.3.5 pushing aside People
14.4 Mission
14.5 info Flow
14.5.1 loose circulate of information Open-door, walk-in Meetings Sitting in Cubicles prestige conferences and Reports own Whiteboards All-Hands-Meetings CEO Lunches and worker Breakfasts
14.6 Communication
14.6.1 Formal and casual Communication
14.6.2 Direct and Open Communication
14.7 choice Making
14.8 outcome Orientation and Management-by-Objectives
14.9 Key features of a winning Culture
14.9.1 A group paintings Culture
14.9.2 An Egoless tradition
14.9.3 A Meritocracy of ideas
14.9.4 A chance Culture
14.9.5 A "no prestige, no ego, blue-jeans" tradition
14.9.6 A "don't-let-the-others-down" Culture
14.9.7 A enjoyable Culture
14.9.8 A relatives Culture
14.10 retaining the tradition while the corporate is Growing
14.11 Leadership
14.11.1 construction a Vision
14.11.2 construction Teams
14.11.3 Reinforcing the Culture
14.11.4 making a feel of Urgency
14.11.5 traits of a Leader
15. The administration staff
16. expertise and industry Orientation
17. the pliability
18. The Focus
19. The Execution
20. The community

IIl. growing to be THE BUSINESS

21. The Partners
22. the sport for Mindshare
23. The Breakthrough
24. the 1st Customers
25. The Competition
26. the expansion Management
26.1 humans
26.2 Processes
26.3 Management
26.4 Communication


27. The Motivation
28. The Doubts
29. The Sacriflces
30. The traits of an Entrepreneur
30.1 Visionary
30.2 self belief
30.3 group Spirit
30.4 chance angle
30.5 No worry of Failure
30.6 skill to Learn
30.7 Entrepreneurship is especially personal
30.8 feel of Reality
30.9 endurance
30.10 Commitment
30.11 adventure
30.12 Salesmanship
30.13 status of an Entrepreneur
31. Summary
32. Appendix

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Look for a legal partner on your side. (Mario Rosati, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati) Lawyers are not the most important people for your venture. But they are an important factor. To be successful, the whole thing has to come together. And lawyers are an important support player. Especially, since they can help you to lay the right foundations for the more important issues such as capital and people. Although they rnight not be able to get the capital or the people for you, they can help you in organizing the business in such a way that it is attractive for an investor to make an investment and for people to join your venture.

The decision will be made that way. I think anybody does not really own that business. It is not afamily owned business. You have investors in the company who own a big chunk of the company, the employees own a chunk of the company, so in a sense I am a steward of the company. My job is to make the company grow, my job is stewardship, my job is not ownership in the sense that I own it and go around making sure that people salute when I go by. That' s ownership. And ownership is about micromanaging things.

Lt will become easier for every company, no matter where it is located, to be tied into a worldwide network of partners and customers, since the internet eliminates a Iot of time and space issues that used to add enorrnously to the costs of cornrnunication. Thus the need for businesses to be in the center of an industry might decline, since the need for physical proximity will be different. You will probably be able to do it with an airplane flight every month as opposed to having to be there every day.

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