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By J. C Depken

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Vokal, J. Vrlakova Linfen, Shanxi Normal X. B. M. H. Zhang University of Lund S. Garpman, B. Jakobsson, J. Nystrand, I. Otterlund, K. Soderstrom, E. R. Ganssauge, C. Graf, M. Ochs, M. I. A. M. G. P. G. V. I. G. A. I. Tretyakova St. G. A. I. Solovieva Seattle, Univ. H. G. J. Lord, D. J. Wilkes Sydney, Univ. M. S. S. K. A. Z. V. P. I. P. P. G. S. S. Navotny, N. N. L. N. I. Zhochova Wuhan, Hua-Zhong Normal University X. R. D. S. L. Y. Q. B. C. C. A. A. G. R. J. ) and !. J. S. D. e.. $1 . "El".....

Ledoux, D. J. G. Parsons, P. Rothschild, R. G. F. Stepham, T. Sung, V. S. Woodruff, D. Zachary New York University B. J. Crawford,J. Engelage University of California at Riverside P. -Y. Fung, J. Kang, R. Seto University of Tokyo R. Hayano, H. Sakurai University of Tsukuba K. Kurita,Y. P. A. mature il| i Te,lwc_e i,l, $WIC Schematic diagram of target array for low beam intensity bombardments. 1 m£1 2 roll 5 rail mmsm "12"" "12"" "X2"--" | '-12 '°'" ii "12"-" s_ms, Wire Chamber Au Targets Ion Chamber _ire Chamber Schematic diagram of target array for high beam intensity bombardments.

Wolin Spokesman: J. Sandweiss The experimenters propose to carry out a systematic set of measurements and searches for "composite" objects produced in high energy heavy ion collisions. These measurements are aimed at studies utilizing the heaviest ions available at the AGS, presumably, up to and including gold ions. Part of the study will involve lighter beams and these could be done at an earlier time, with perhaps an initial detector complement. A major focus of the experiment is on charged composites; however, studies of neutral systems are also considered significant in the study.

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