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Download Advanced Seminar on Common Cause Failure Analysis in by A. Amendola (auth.), Aniello Amendola (eds.) PDF

By A. Amendola (auth.), Aniello Amendola (eds.)

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Read Online or Download Advanced Seminar on Common Cause Failure Analysis in Probabilistic Safety Assessment: Proceedings of the ISPRA Course held at the Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy, 16–19 November 1987 PDF

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Martin and A. Amendola: 'Multiple related component failure events', Reliability '85, Birmingham 10-12 July 1985. C. Gangloff and T. Franke: 'An engineering approach to common mode failure analysis', Proc. Seminar on Development and Application of Reliability Techniques to Nuclear Power Plants, Liverpool (1974). T. A. Watson: A Study of Common Mode Failures, SRD R146, UKAEA, July 1979. A. Watson: 'Review of common cause failures', NCSR R27, UKAEA, July 1981. L. , 'A study of common cause failures, phase II: a comprehensive classification system for component fault analysis', LASA-EPRI-NP-3837, January 1985.

Indeed, internal and external sources can be hardly dealt with by a common methodological approach. 3 Classifications vs Field Data Analysis Field data on MRFs can be derived from both incident files and component event files. In order to sort and analyze the relevant data, appropriate classifications are needed which are not necessarily coincident. In fact, an incident description needs "a method for logically dissecting multiple component unavailability scenarios into individual -TI- component unavailabilities" (8), in order to identify related failures.

Table III gives some examples (7): here the generic causes TABLE III - Generic CCF causes (7) Symbol Example sources Generic cause generic causes of a mechanical or thermal nature I Impact v P Vibration Pressure - G Grit - S Stress - T Temperature Pipe whip, water hammer, missiles, earthquake, structural failure Machinery in motion, earthquake Explosion, out-of-tolerance system changes (pump overspeed, flow blockage) Airborne dust, metal fragments generated by moving parts with inadequate tolerances Thermal stress at welds of dissimilar metals, thermal stresses and bending moments caused by high conductivity and density of liquid sodium Fire, lightning, welding equipment, cooling system faults, electrical short circuits generic causes of an electrical or radiation nature E R M V I Electromagnetic interference (EMI) Radiation damage - Welding equipment, rotating electrical machinery, lightning, power supplies, transmission lines Neutron sources, sources of ionizing radiation Conducting medium - Moisture, conductive gases Out-of-tolerance - Power surge voltage Out-of-tolerance - Short circuit current which may provoke multiple failures are the driving elements of the classification.

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