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7 Effect on monetary policy on IS-LM model The objective of each monetary authority is to have economic growth in the country. Therefore, it always increases the money supply and reduces the interest rate. At lower interest rate more investment is possible. 12 Effect of monetary policy on IS-LM model         /0          /0      (       ,   (     ,               ,6     <<     Monetary policy always improves the income of people through reducing the interest rate.

The income declines further and it comes again at the original level. In the long run, expansionary monetary policy is ineffective. The interest rate (I) and income (Y) remains unaffected in long run. 8 Conclusion The goods market is in equilibrium with demand for goods equal to supply of goods. The prices are constant. The money market is in equilibrium with demand for money equal supply of money. Both goods and money market are in equilibrium with interest rate and income. It is long run equilibrium with income and interest rate.

Long run data trend as MPC=APC It explains the MPC

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