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1 Another argument for subsuming the three maxims into a super-maxim is that the maxim of relation already appears to be included in the maxim of quantity. The maxim of relation requires that a speaker expresses himself only regarding the common communicative goal. The maxim of quantity requires that he only expresses himself regarding the common communicative goal and furthermore that he gives all desired information. (Cf. ) Cooperative Information Exchange 33 A negative evaluation is expressed by omitting more important, positive evaluations.

A speaker who violates the maxim of manner expresses himself not as clearly as he would be able to. As examples, Grice gives ambiguous, poetic texts and other utterances that could apparently have been shorter and more concise. The example for the last case is the utterance “Miss X produced a series of sounds that corresponded closely with the score of Home Sweet Home”, instead of the more concise “Miss X sang Home Sweet Home”. The recipient allegedly recognises a breach of the maxim of manner and concludes that Miss X’s performance satisfied the prevailing notions of singing only marginally.

2), I define a simple, classical update system for information states and declarative sentences. With this system, I describe how assertions can expand the common ground, and I specify the two requirements that were derived from the conversational maxims. 1 Presupposing a common ground According to Stalnaker (1978), discourse participants presuppose a common ground for their discourse, that they can refer to at any time and that they expand successively in the course of the discourse. The presupposed common ground is changed by events that all discourse participants can evidently observe.

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