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Download Abhisamayalamkara With Vrtti and Aloka by Vimuktisena, Haribhadra, Gareth Sparham PDF

By Vimuktisena, Haribhadra, Gareth Sparham

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Ornament 2 . 1 8 d - 1 9 a l . Furthermore there are small, mid dling, and big beliefs for your own welfare. You have to present the other two like this as well. [Question]: Of these, what is small to big belief for your own welfare, (;1[l,j so on, up to, [big] belief for the welfare of others? Thus [Maitreya l says, [He say s ] there are again three of them divided into small­ small and so on. [Ornament 2 . 1 9b-c] From the context, "of each" is carried over. , are again of three types. So the nine subdivisions of belief for your own welfare are small-small, middling-small, and big-small; small-middling, middling­ middling, and big-middling; and small-big, middling-big, and big-big.

What [the Lord] means where he says [the Perfection of Wisdom] prevents harms and promotes [Bodhisattvas], and that is a benefit [of the path of seeing], is that Mara and so on will be unable to gain entry to those who take up, bear in mind, preach, study, develop, explain to o thers in detail, and wisely attend to this Perfection of Wisdom. [Mara will not be able to gain entry] to those who will not lack in the thought of the knowledge of all m odes. And why? Be­ cause [Bodhisattvas] will be well sustained by just the emptiness of form, from there up to, will be well sustained by j ust the emptiness of the knowledge of all aspects.

9 Starting from So it is, vener­ able S ariputra, up to, the Bodhisattva, the great being's inspiration which is more distinguished and exalted than anything else in all the world is explained, and that in the sense that nothing is made into a basis, [Subhuti] justifies his position. He indicates that realization dharmas are attained in the absence of anything that is a real foundation. [Then the gods] conjure up different sorts of flowers and [Subhuti considers how] those flowers that have not issued forth are not flowers.

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