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It is indispensable, secondly, to secure the collaboration of the milieu in defining the problems and seeking the solutions. The analysis of a specific technical problem will be enriched if its socio-cultural dimensions are taken into account, and, in particular, if the potential participants' degree of consciousness of the errors and insufficiencies opposed to the accomplishment of a given objective are considered (absence of consciousness, simple consciousness, consciousness accompanied by a desire for finding a solution, actively seeking a solution, practical efforts aimed at the solution).

The experience of EWLP has revealed the reticence toward efforts to locate objectives in the context of a global social situation; the technostructure may, in fact, feel apprehensive that the training goals thus conceived be used for appropriation by subjects who deviate from what could be expected of them if only an increase or improvement of production were considered. Having recourse to a functional programme aims not merely at change 42 Unesco on the part of the participants, but also at modifications within the system of relations between the technostructure and the participants.

Unesco, on one hand, and regional and national agencies and specialists on the other, have been able to improve the exchange of literacy-related ideas, information and skills as a result of these various efforts. On balance, this effort has had undeniably positive results in terms of quickening the diffusion of information and upgrading the cadre of national personnels. It should be clear that these international efforts were and continue to be geared to enhancing national initiatives, and were and are not intended to replace such initiatives in achieving tangible achievements in the field.

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