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By Patrick J. Kelly

«Whats that you simply say - perpetual movement is most unlikely? My, youre a tricky one to delight. The electrons within the molecules of rock formations were orbiting progressively for thousands of years with no preventing - at what element will you compromise that they're in perpetual movement?

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The objective of this set of documents is to make you aware of some of these devices, and more importantly, you alert you to the fact that it is perfectly possible to tap external energy and so provide power which appears to be completely free, in the same way that sunlight is ‘free’. Teruo Kawai. In July 1995, a patent was granted to Teruo Kawai for an electric motor. 18. The main sections of that patent are included in the Appendix. 2-7 In this motor, a series of electromagnets are placed in a ring to form the active stator.

That is, during one rotation, just three electromagnets would be energised in one simultaneous pulse, and that pulse would be of longer duration than the pulses which accelerated to rotor from its stationary position. The output from each coil is passed through a full-wave bridge to give DC, before being added to the output from the other coils. A typical Muller motor would have 16 magnets and 15 coil pairs. The solid coil formers were made from ‘amorphous metal’ and are 2 inches (50 mm) in diameter and 3 inches (75 mm) long.

These are drive-pulsed systems, energy-tapping pulsed systems and gravity free-energy pulsing systems. Here we will look at systems where an electrical pulse is used to cause the device to operate by creating a temporary magnetic field caused by electric current flowing through a coil or “electromagnet” as it is often called. Many of these systems are rather subtle in the way that they operate. One very well-known example of this is The Adams Motor. The late Robert Adams, an electrical engineer of New Zealand designed and built an electric motor using permanent magnets on the rotor and pulsed electromagnets on the frame of the motor.

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