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By Elizabeth J. Duncan

Because the townsfolk of the Welsh valley city of Llanelen settle in for the snowiest iciness in twenty-five years, an American stranger arrives. Harry Saunders charms the women, certainly one of them particularly: Evelyn Lloyd, the town’s former postmistress, who was left with ease off after the loss of life of her husband. After Mrs. Lloyd invests a great deal of cash with him, Harry is going lacking, as does her funds. His physique is quickly chanced on open air the partitions of Conwy citadel, and Mrs. Lloyd is implicated within the murder.Although Penny Brannigan and her company associate, Victoria Hopkirk, are busy overseeing the grand beginning of their new spa, that doesn’t cease Mrs. Lloyd from desperately seeking Penny’s aid to prove her innocence. It’s particularly attainable that Harry made different enemies whereas in Llanelen and Penny’s research unfolds whereas she juggles her paintings on the spa, her transforming into dating with Detective Inspector Davies, and the Christmas window pageant that she signed as much as judge.With A Killer's Christmas in Wales, Elizabeth J. Duncan delivers a pleasant holiday-themed secret.

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He nodded and she added a few cubes to one of the glasses. “Well, cheers, everyone,” said Mrs. Lloyd, raising her glass. “Here’s to a very special evening,” added Saunders. Mrs. Lloyd smiled at him, then gestured to the other two that they should sit down. “Now, then, Mr. Saunders,” said Florence, leaning forward with her arms resting on her knees, holding her glass in two hands. ” Saunders took a sip of his drink. ” “Palm Beach,” repeated Mrs. Lloyd. “I forget now. Is that in California? ” She smiled at Florence.

Mrs. Lloyd, is it? Harry Saunders. ” He offered his hand, which she shook. She stood in the doorway of the shop and watched as he turned away and strode off confidently. Mrs. Lloyd gave a wistful sigh and a few minutes later, after Eirlys had shaped her nails, was dipping her fingers into a bowl of lavender-fragranced soaking solution. “You know, Eirlys,” she said happily, “you always get the temperature of my soaking solution just right. ” “Hmm,” murmured Eirlys. ” She glanced at the shelf of bright nail varnishes.

She smiled at the look of relief that crossed Saunders’s face. “Of course,” he said, “that’ll be it. I’m sure someone will hand it in. ” “Well, I’m not just sure which taxi firm Florence rang,” Mrs. Lloyd said in a slightly evasive manner. ” Saunders nodded and Mrs. Lloyd reached for the bill. “Now, why don’t I take care of this and you can…” “reimburse me later” hung unspoken in the air between them. Mrs. Lloyd opened her purse and set a credit card down on the small plate beside the bill. As the waiter took the plate away, she reached into another section of her purse and withdrew two twenty-pound notes.

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