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By Mineo, Bernard

A significant other to Livy encompasses a choice of essays representing the main up to date foreign scholarship at the lifestyles and works of the Roman historian Livy.

  • Features contributions from best Livian students from round the world
  • Presents for the 1st time a brand new interpretation of Livy's ancient philosophy, which represents a key to an total interpretation of Livy's physique of work
  • Includes stories of Livy's paintings from an Indo-European comparative aspect
  • Provides the main smooth reports on literary archetypes for Livy's narrative of the background of early Rome

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PUF Q. Cic. Comment. pet. Quint. Inst. Rhet. Her. Roman Praenomina RE RÉA Rev. Hist. REL RFC RG RhM RIDA RIN Rol. RSA Sall. BJ Cat. Hist. Schol. Bob. Sen. Controv. Sen. Ep. Q Nat. Serv. tex V1 - 08/12/2014 2:42pm Page xxviii Abbreviations Lysander Marcellus Moralia De mulierum uirtute Numa Philopoemen Pompeius Pyrrhus Quaestiones Romanae Romulus Tiberius Gracchus Polybius Polyaneus Strategemata Pomponius Mela Propertius praefatio Presses Universitaires de France Quintus Cicero, Commentariolum petitionis M.

Tex V2 - 08/12/2014 10:44am Page xxxii Bernard Mineo jarring discordant notes. Indeed, most scholars nowadays agree that Livy was not only a well-informed and reliable historian but also a writer of genius and great originality. As a matter of fact, all the most recent findings, which this compilation aims to shine a light on, underline the immense complexity and originality of Livy’s Roman history. He is no longer thought to have been a plodding scrivener conscientiously adding one historical episode, taken from his predecessors, the annalists, to another without ever reflecting on what the end result would be and on the message it would convey.

Our other objective is to offer cultured readers, whether they be students, secondary school teachers, or university professors, the opportunity to rediscover this great author whose work is likely to be of as much interest to those whose special field is history as to those whose fields are Latin and Greek literature, ancient philosophy, or archeology. Livy’s Roman history is indeed far from being solely a history book; it is, in Ciceronian parlance—and Livy shared Cicero’s perspective on history—an opus oratorium, a literary work expressing, through the use of narrative, a particular view of Roman history whose aim was to help attain a well-defined civic ideal.

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