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By James Clerk Maxwell

Within the ebook the writer has eloquently awarded and defined yes phenomenon and varied rules of physics. the author has controlled to provide special description for, not just the foundations at the back of a number of actual phenomenons but additionally commented upon easy methods to educate the technological know-how.

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The origin of the history of science in classical antiquity

This can be the 1st finished learn of what is still of the writings of Aristotle's pupil Eudemus of Rhodes at the historical past of the precise sciences. those fragments are the most important to our knowing of the content material, shape, and target of the Peripatetic historiography of technology. the 1st a part of the publication offers an research of these developments in Presocratic, Sophistic and Platonic inspiration that contributed to the advance of the background of technological know-how.

Historiography in the Twentieth Century: From Scientific Objectivity to the Postmodern Challenge

A huge standpoint on old concept and writing through one of many world's most appropriate historiographers.

The presence of the past: popular uses of history in American life

A few humans make picture albums, gather antiques, or stopover at old battlefields. Others preserve diaries, plan annual family members gatherings, or sew jointly patchwork quilts in a convention realized from grandparents. every one folks has methods of communing with the earlier, and our purposes for doing so are as various as our stories.

Thinking with History: Explorations in the Passage to Modernism

During this ebook, the celebrated historian Carl Schorske--author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Fin-de-Siécle Vienna--draws jointly a chain of essays that show the altering position of background in nineteenth-and twentieth-century cultures. In such a lot highbrow and creative fields, Schorske argues, twentieth-century Europeans and americans have come to do their pondering with no background.

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42 Gagarin (1976), 46–50, sees the emphasis on divine intervention but unduly minimizes Xerxes’ hybris and impiety, thus leaving the gods’ actions oddly unmotivated. Xerxes’ misconduct, folly, irrationality, and overreaching, in fact, gain repeated mention. Cf. S. Said (1981), 18–20. 43 The elders here herald a fundamental leitmotif of the tragedy: control and manipulation by divine powers. 44 The herald who announced the disastrous debacle at Salamis made certain that the queen would be under no misapprehension.

When the ghost of Darius emerges from his abode beneath the earth and learns of the catastrophe, he draws the same conclusion. 53 Darius recalls divine prophecies issued by Zeus Aesch. Pers. 93–114. Aesch. Pers. 293–294: ἀνάγκη πημονὰς βροτοῖς φέρειν/ θεῶν διδόντων. 45 Aesch. Pers. 344–347. See Garvie (2009), 177–178. This is the only allusion in the play to Athena. E. Hall (1993), 129–130, and (1996), 135, is surprised not to find more reference to the Athenians’ particular contribution to victory.

128 This was evidently more than just propagandistic posturing. After the Persian defeat at Marathon, Datis stopped at Mykonos on the way back to Asia. There he discovered a gilded statue of Apollo hidden away in a Phoenician ship, plainly purloined from a Greek shrine. 129 The commander clearly put his homage to Hellenic reverence on display here. In this matter, as in others, Persians did not consistently live up to such principles (they did, after all, burn shrines in Naxos). 130 Herod. 3: λήματι μέν νυν καὶ ῥώμῃ ούκ ἤσσονεϚ ἦσαν οἱ ∏έρσαι, ἄνοπλοι δὲ ἐόντες καὶ πρὸς ἀνεπιστήμ0νεϚ ἦσαν καὶ οὐκ ὅμοιοι τοῖσι ἐναντί0ισι σ0φίην.

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